msg <- "Hello World!"; print(msg)


My mom always told me to be polite so I think I should introduce myself first. I’m a 20+ years old Finnish university student studying computer science (2nd year starting) and statistics (first year coming) and mostly interested in sports, statistics and programming – best when combined.


Because of my computer background I got interested in R programming language and started studying it and decided to start a blog inspired by dozens of blogs in This blog also works like a place for me to empty my mind and perhaps get new ideas when rethinking what I’ve done and what I should do with R in the future.

As a beginner I’ll take any advice and corrections offered ’cause that’s the best way to learn more efficient and better coding. My studying style of try-google-try-google more -succeed doesn’t always produce the best and optimal code but it’s a way to get things done and running.

Most of my blog entries will be about R but also something about studying and some other programming languages as well. I have some knowledge of Python, Perl and Java.

This blog is also at which is a awesome blog service where you can find more interesting posts about R and statistics. It inspired me so why don’t you give it a try?


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